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Description and Photos of the Modular Indoor Cabinet Architecture (MICA's)

As of November 24, 2003, we have 240 MICA (Modular Indoor Cabinets Architecture) Standard cabinet (23" rails) for sale.  These are the Marconi Cabinets.  They were built out for an AT&T job, but were never used. Most are still in the original shipping containers.   None are damaged or bent, some may have a paint rub.  Condition would be considered excellent.  Thumbnail pictures of these cabinets are below.  Click each for a larger view.  After viewing, press your Back Button to return to this page.

MICA indoor cabinets are designed to house and protect telecommunications equipment deployed in indoor applications.  Designed for maximum flexibility, the cabinets can be customized to suit specific needs. Marconi currently offers two cabinets, the MICA Standard and the MICA Seismic.

The MICA standard cabinet is equipped with removable and key-lockable front and rear doors as well as side panels.  Side panels offer flush-pull latching mechanisms.  Side panels can be removed for 360 access to run cables between cabinets or to route wires to interconnect panels from cabinet to cabinet.  When these side panels are removed, openings are exposed for cable routing between cabinets in applications requiring more than one cabinet or for installation requirements, the removed panels allow for ease of installation and cable routing.

The MICA Seismic cabinet is a zone 4 rated cabinet to 900 lbs.  Side panels are bolted from the inside and can be removed.  Front and rear doors are removable and key-lockable.

Click here to view a complete description of the MICA's in PDF format.

Click here to view Knurr Racks and Liebert Integrated Power, Cooling and Monitoring Products in PDF format.
(Please Note: this PDF is 6.09MB and may take a while to download and view)

Marconi Catalog Number MI84292623S, Part Number F1001755

These are blue in color and have the following additional items in them:


Battery Tray - INDBATASSLY24, Part Nbr. F1002022 for 23" rails


Fan Assembly


Power Strip


Grounding bar


Thermostat - either temperature or temperature/moisture (Some thermostats are temperature and some are the temperature and moisture type.

Each cabinet may vary.  Approximately 80% will be fully loaded; some may not have the battery tray or may be missing one of the other components

All have the fan assembly;  95% also will contain the power strip, grounding bar and the thermostat.

For pricing by quantity or if you need any other information, please call me at 1-321-727-8737 or email me.



Blue Cabinet, Full Front View

Inside view of the MICA. Please note the power strip.

Another View of the Inside of the MICA Cabinet. Note the power strip.

View of the inside of the cabinet showing the fan assembly.

A side view on the inside of the cabinet, showing the battery tray.

Another good view of the MICA Cabinet on the inside, up and close.

A side view of the outside of the cabinets.

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