Cloud Celiometer
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Cloud Ceilometer CBME80 

Cloud Ceilometers

The cloud ceilometer CBME 80 is a stand-alone instrument designed for fixed and mobile installations where accurate and reliable cloud height information is required.

The design is based on the LIDAR principle. The light emitting component is a low power diode laser with the output power limited to eye-safe level. Real time digitizing technique is employed in signal detection and the powerful 80C186 microprocessor is used in signal processing.

Data presentation 

CBME 80 has outputs for different types of display and recording units. An RS-232C interface supports local control, test and data acquisition. For remote control and data acquisition there is a built-in FSK modem.


A built-in test system indicates failures in the event of a malfunction. The electronics are located in three easily replaceable subunits, i.e. a power unit with an EMI unit included, a master printed circuit board and a power sensor board.

The subunits, as well as the laser diode and the avalanche diode, which are placed on the master circuit board, can be replaced without realignment.


bullet Reliable operation - MTBF 100 000 h
bullet Easy installation and maintenance
bullet Very long laser life (calc. 10 years)
bullet 25 000 ft measuring range capability
bullet Low weight and low power consumption


Data sheet 



30 25 000 ft


30 ft


70 ft (against reflector)

Measuring interval

30 alt. 60 seconds


V23 FSK alt RS232C 1200/2400 baud

Output data

Cloud height (up to five bases) or vertical visibility
Cloud amount
Ceilometer status
Backscatter profile

Operation temperature

-40 +50 C

Power supply

115V alt. 230V, 45 65 Hz
(Electronics 30VA, header 200VA)


15 kg (without stand)

Laser safety

Eye safe according to EN 60-825


Window blower
Solar shutter
Mobile version with local display
Stand for fixed installation
Power supply 12V DC
Green color
15 s measuring interval


Graphic program Cloud Presentation Suite (Windows)
Digital display BE360
Demodulator V.23 - RS-232C



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Last modified: June 18, 2011