Fly-Away Antennas
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     Holland Signal, Inc. is pleased to introduce the latest in an outstanding line of transportable antennas manufactured by Comtech.  This 2.4 meter Fly-Away antenna system offers quick deployment capability for Satellite News Gathering applications.  Packed in only six cases, the 2.4 meter is aircraft baggage checkable!  The system can be field assembled by two people in less than one hour, with all necessary hand tools provided.  All hardware is captive.

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COMTECH 2.4 METER FLy-Away Specs Table
(Note: Just below the Specs Table you can view the pictures)



2.4 Meter (13 piece) Air Transportable (Baggage)

Mount Type Tripod EI/Az
Feed Type Offset
Polarization Manual Remote
Operating Frequency
Ku-Band 14.0 - 14.5 GHz 10.95 - 12.75 GHz
Gain @ midband 49.92 dB 47.6 dB
3db Beamwidth 0.61 0.70˚
VSWR (max) 1.3:1 1.3:1
Feed Flange WR-75F WR-75F
Cross Pol, On-Axis 30Db Min 30 dB Min
Transmit Power 750W (Max) n/a


5.85 - 6.4 GHz

3.65 - 4.2 Ghz
Gain @ midband 42.0 dB 38.0 dB
3dB Beamwidth 1.5 2.3
VSWR (max) 1.3:1 1.3:1
Feed Flange CPR-137G CPR-229G
Cross Pol, On-Axis 30 dB Min 30 dB Min
Transmit Power 1KW (Max) n/a

Sidelobe Envelope


Antenna Noise Temperature

3.65 - 4.2 GHz 30K @ 30 El
10.95 - 12.75 GHz 23K @ 30 El
Operating Wind 30mph
Survival Wind 60mph
Operating Temperature -40 to 130 F
Shipping Information (6) Cases

L     x     W     x     H

 TOTAL           WEIGHT

Panels (2 cases)

28.0"          40.5"       11.5"    80"                  100Lbs    
Hub 33.0"          33.0"       14.0"    80"                  100Lbs
Mount 59.0"          10.5"       10.5"    80"                     95Lbs
Mount 49.0"          15.5"       15.5"    80"                     95Lbs
Mount 71.0"            4.5"         4.5"    80"                     50Lbs

Picture the 2.4 Meter Fly-Away Schematic.

This schematic will give you details about this antenna, such as weight and other specifications.

Picture of the 2.4 Fly-Away.

This picture shows the antenna assembled and the packing crates sitting next to it.

A Side-View of the 2.4 Fly-Away Antenna.

This is a beautiful terrain shot of this antenna deployed.

A Front-View of the 2.4 Meter Antenna.

Another beautiful picture of this antenna.

The 2.4 Fly-Away shown assembled.

Notice the equipment cases located nearby antenna.

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Last modified: June 18, 2011